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Documentary Video


FILMMAKER: A short documentary created for an artist in Boulder, CO. In this film she does a live painting for the first time and discusses what it means to be in the creative flow.

Code 12


Hathor Studios

PRODUCTION COORDINATOR: For the first time in history, an in-depth study has been performed to scientifically discover what happens when we meditate. Following the same protocols for pharmaceutical studies, scientists from the University of California San Diego were able to extract data from thousands of people all over the world, using a Dr. Joe Dispenza retreat as their testing grounds. This documentary reveals never before seen data on how meditation shapes everything from our mind to the tiniest cell molecules in our body.

As production coordinator, I communicated between cast and crew important scheduling and logistical notes, I also assisted the Executive Producer and Editors by sourcing and licensing materials for the finals film.

Code 12

Hathor Studios

ASSISTANT PRODUCER: Where Da Vinci Code meets Indiana Jones in a real life setting of Inception. This documentary follows Melissa Tittl, an investigative journalist, as she embarks on a journey to unravel an ancient code in the tombs of the pharaohs, the temple walls, and ancient sites all over the world. She interviews geneticists, archeologists, biblical scholars, and quantum physicists that have all picked up the same code in their work. Could this be the next part of human evolution? 

As an assistant to the producers, I secured licensing for various footage and images in the documentary. I also was in charge of gathering release forms from talent, coordinating travel arrangements, as well as reviewing and providing feedback on pitch decks.

After Contact

Hathor Studios / 4BiddenKnowledge

ASSOCIATE PRODUCER: What happens after we make contact with aliens? In this ground breaking show Nick investigates all of our human systems, our beliefs and infrastructures. What will change after we make contact with aliens and what might simply crumble?

As an associate producer, I kept notes while on set for all 6 episodes in this season. I also photographed talent and coordinated travel arrangements for guests. 

In a Fars Reach

EDITOR & CINEMATOGRAPHER: A documentary film following the life and story of a man who is homeless in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Intertwined with short interviews on how others in the city describe what a home is to them.​

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