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Just as the Earth's ecosystems are interconnected, social media fosters global connectivity, allowing a multitude of voices, opinions, and perspectives to come to light.

Social Media


Video - Social Media

Bees or Flowers?

FILMMAKER: An educational video on the impact of insects and our environment. I researched, filmed, and edited this video.

Peach Applesauce

FILMMAKER: A short cooking video on making zero waste peach applesauce.


FILMMAKER: A personal project for social media, on the words we choose to tell ourselves and our story.

National Dog


PRODUCER: A video spot for social media about the national hotdogs in the US to promote a Wienerschnitzel road trip event in each city.

Early Humans in Oregon

Hathor Studios

EDITOR: A video for TikTok edited for Hathor Studios. This video received over 22k views within 2 days of posting.


Graphics - Social Media

High Seas Treaty Graphic

CAPTION:  Exciting news for our oceans! The High Seas Treaty is paving the way for global cooperation in safeguarding marine biodiversity beyond borders. 🐋

I researched and edited together the graphic.

Grasshopper Graphic.jpeg

Grasshopper Graphic

CAPTION: Launching into the week like a grasshopper! Imagine having legs so strong they could propel you to incredible heights – that's the daily life of a grasshopper. But that's not the only trick up their legs. Some species create rhythmic melodies by rubbing their legs together, a process called stridulation, which serves as a unique form of communication. So, the next time you hear a little 'chirp' in the grass, you might just be eavesdropping on a grasshopper conversation. 

I photographed the picture of the grasshopper and put together the graphic.

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