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Burning with intensity, these projects are fueled by my deep enthusiasm and curiosity for the world. These projects energize myself with the goal of igniting creativity in others.

Passion Projects

A personal self-expression photo project about growth, personal affirmations, and knowing you're in the right place.

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Sustainability based website focused on challenging the choice of single use plastics in our society. "Holly's Weekly Zero Plastic Meal Prep" can be found at this site as well as on my Instagram stories.

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Fall semester, 2017, I challenged myself to do one scary thing every day for 118 days to push myself out of my comfort zone and record about it on a daily blog.

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Year In Reverse

Documenting the stories that make up 2020. Each month in 2020 I asked my social media friends and followers for one word to describe each month. I then used the themes they give me to highlight specific national events through the year in reverse.

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